Why Drinking Tea With Friends Is The Best

Tea Is Better Together.

Don't get me wrong, there are times where tea time is sacred. It can be a time where I savor every sip and quietly unwind. For me, drinking tea alone brings mindfulness and a time to reflect on my day or anything that is weighing heavily on my mind. 

But there's just something about sharing a cup with a fellow tea enthusiast that makes the whole experience the best. I talked about drinking more tea with your mom earlier this week and this goes the same for friends!

Meet Whitney of Brown Books Green Tea! (She's on the left :) )

Photo Credit To Whitney's Guy!

Photo Credit To Whitney's Guy!

Whitney and I have know each other for many years, and we have both become bloggers! If you enjoy a good book with your tea, her blog is perfect for you! 

Whitney and I met at NaTra Tea's, which is a small tea shop in my neighborhood. You might remember the shop from a previous post I made about it. It was great to change my normal routine and meet Whitney at this cute little shop. Supporting a small business was an added benefit!  

Sharing a cuppa with a friend does some important things. 

  1. Makes you adventurous: Whitney and I share a similar opinion on green tea, it can be hit or miss. We were discussing the good and bad green teas out there and it made me want to try a new one when usually I wouldn't. I took a chance on the Jasmine Pearls! I wasn't totally wowed by it but it wasn't terrible. I usually like a richer green tea and this wasn't it. 
  2. You get to catch up: Although Whitney lives very close, I think the last time I saw her was on my birthday back in January! It was nice to sit down and talk about what's going on in our lives and our plans for the future. Catching up is always nicer in person and with some tea. 
  3. Lots of Laughs: Part of catching up includes my favorite thing in the world, laughing. A good throwing back of the head in pure joy is good for the soul. Probably my favorite part was when we got into the issue of people (especially strangers) feeling the need to touch our hair? Hint: Don't touch people's hair. It's weird and we're wondering if your hands are clean!
  4. You Get Inspired: Sitting down in a tea shop with Whitney and talking about what we're doing and our future plans gave me a positive outlook on the day. I've been in a rut recently and sitting down with a friend can show you that you're not alone and that it will all be ok! I think I thought of about 5 blog post ideas while we were talking. I hope I can remember them all :)

Oh yea and photo ops! 

I would love to hear from you! Comment below with your favorite tea shop, bonus if it's in the DMV (Dc, MD, VA) so I can visit it!

Photo Credit to Whitney!

Photo Credit to Whitney!