Tea Time Box

Tea Box.

I had the pleasure of receiving a tea time box in February. Tea Time Box is a new subscription box for tea lovers that combines tea, sweets and honey! This is a Seattle based company providing high quality tea and local goods. With ever box sold, they will also donate a meal to their local food bank. 

Such a cute box! I love how the box comes with a card that educates you on the steeping times for all the different teas. Especially if you give this as a gift to someone who is newer to tea, this is really useful!

Ok, so a chocolate covered rice krispy treat was so awesome! I like that the sweet wasn't pure chocolate as I do enjoy cookies and cakes more with tea. I also love how there are tea sachets and honey in smaller amounts that you could put in one cup. 

The Tea: This was a good mix. There is one green tea and two herbal type teas. Even though there are two herbal teas, they are two very different herbal teas as one has rooibos and the other has hibiscus. 

I decided to try the Apricot supreme tea first. When it comes to enjoying a tea, the scent plays a huge role in whether I like or dislike the blend. When I opened this tea, I have to admit that I was not fond of the smell. I looked at the ingredients and couldn't find a reason why I would dislike the aroma. This tea includes hibiscus, calendula petals, apple, rosehip and apple pieces. 

I asked my boyfriend to also smell the tea and he thought it smelled great. I decided to brush this strange felling off and get to brewing the tea, I wasn't disappointed! 


First of all, look at this color. As the tea brewed the color became darker in the pot but still incredibly vibrant and beautiful. I don't think I'll ever get over my love of brewing tea in glass so that I can follow along on the tea's brewing journey. 

This blend has a lot of chunky pieces so it was fun to watch them fill with water, inflate and disperse their essence into the pot. 

Despite my initial dislike of the smell of this tea, I really loved the way it tasted! Once brewed and poured into a glass the smell was much mellower. The taste was both fruity and floral. Probably my favorite part about this tea though was watching it's pink beauty display itself. Loving the creativity of this blend.  

I asked the Tea Time Box founders some questions about their journey, read below what Cameron & Zhanna had to say!

1. How did you come up with the idea for the Tea Time Box? 

My wife and I came up with the tea time box idea because we both love tea and we are constantly bringing home different flavor for each other to sample. We then realized, why don't we surprise others with a variety of some of our newly discovered teas? Also, as you know you can't have a true tea time without some honey and a sweet treat to go with it.

TOTALLY agree with the sweets and honey part :) 

2. I love that each box sold donates a meal, what sparked this idea?  

We are always trying to give back up our local community here in the greater Seattle area. Especially with our large population of homeless people around the city. We decided a great way to contribute was to donate a wholesome meal to the food bank for every box we mail out.

3. If you were a tea, which one would you be? 

If I was a tea I would totally be a mango black tea. Zhanna says she would be a Russian earl grey.

4. What led you to decide on the tea + cookie + honey combination? 

The tea and cookie idea was Zhannas idea, tea with sweets and honey just makes the tea time that much more enjoyable.

5. If you could put together your own personal Tea Time Box, what tea, cookie and honey would you choose?  

If I were to create my own custom tea box. Given the current season of the year. It would be cinnamon tea with a cinnamon flavored honey, and a double fudge cookie.

6. What is your favorite way to enjoy tea?  

My favorite way to enjoy tea is in a tea party setting with good company.

7. What is your favorite tea pun? 

My favorite tea pun is something I saw on a teeshirt. It said "my puns are" and  picture of a koala bear and a picture of a cup of tea. (My puns are koala-tea).

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