Christmas Came Early: My JORD Wood Watch & Holiday Tea Blend

Time & Tea. 

I had the pleasure of receiving this JORD wood watch and let me tell you, I am SMITTEN. I chose the mint face because green shades are my absolute favorite! 

First impressions: Woah, this is such a cool box. Not only is this box hefty, it also has a magnetic top and little drawer at the bottom. My watch came fully equipped with wood oil, two different cloths, a cute pillow, the extra links and a 1 month supply of humidity control for my watch storage. WOAH, can you say royalty treatment. I really love how much care went into this box design. I have two other watches and my boyfriend has several and none of them have such a beautiful place for storage. 

I used the JORD wrist sizer they offer on their website to measure my wrist and after following the directions, the watch fits just right! A little detail that I really enjoyed was that the back has a dual clasp system which I think is more elegant and easier to put on.


Besides it fitting really well (I like a looser fit) one thing I noticed immediately was how lightweight it was. Before putting this watch on I was always more partial to all metal watches but I didn't know how silly that was until I put this baby on. How freeing that I can still wear an absolutely gorgeous time piece and not have it weigh down my wrist!

You might think mint is too bright of a color but it's subdued by the dark wood and it looks fabulous with my favorite sweater here!

 I decided to do some of my favorite activities with it to see how it felt. As many of you know I've been doing a lot of crochet recently to create these tea/ coffee cup ornaments! Typing is something I also do often for my job and normally I take my watch off because it hurts my wrist after a period of time but this lightweight watch feels great. 

Since this watch was like an early Christmas present, I thought it was only appropriate to try the holiday delight blend from Tea Laboratory. 

Holiday delight ingredients: Ceylon, Keemun Xiang Luo, Cinnamon Chips, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Anise Stars, Vanilla, Granulated Honey

I really love the fact that there is granulated honey in this blend and two black teas! Kinda reminds me of what I tried to do with Tea Thoughts Blend but didn't accomplish as well. 

The tea really has a beautiful aroma that dominated by cinnamon and slightly sweet from the granulated honey. Can you say Christmas in a cup?!

I've made it fairly obvious that ceylon is my favorite tea and that is my favorite part about this blend. I can enjoy the smooth and strong taste that I love about ceylon with some extra spices that remind me of Christmas!

This was so good I had to enjoy several cups!

You might be looking at my watch and thinking, man it's pretty! It's ok I am still saying it! This watch and all of JORD's watches are very elegant and would make a great last minute holiday gift!

Imagine opening up this beautiful cedar box on Christmas day, how wonderful! If you want to make it extra special you're also able to get a custom engraving on the box. One last perk, 2-3 day shipping is free! Here are also 3 more reasons to shop these watches for a loved one. 

1) This is a unique watch that will surely be a favorite of the fashionista on your list! 

2) There are a wide variety of wood colors and designs including automatic watches so there is surely a design for everyone on your list!

3. So, I'm really excited to offer this to all my wonderful readers! You can get an instant $25 e-gift card to use on your purchase, head over to this link to redeem! 

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This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. Review was my own.