Bolder Strawberry Iced Tea

Strawberry Cake Iced Tea.

You may be wondering why I started with strawberry cake. A while back I got this tea from The Tea Spot and baked with it. The aroma and taste were so rich and sweet like cake that I was referring to it as cake tea! 

If I already have a tea that is cake flavored, why not make it a strawberry cake ??! Strawberries add a fresh and light component to this dark tea. 

This blend is so interesting because it combines different black teas, pu'erh and chocolate flavoring! See? Sounds like a cake doesn't it ?!

You can look up different tutorials to cut these roses. The way I did it was first inserting the toothpick into the bottom so that you have something to hold it by. Then take a pairing knife and make 4 slices all the way around the bottom. The slices should go down far but not far enough to cut the pieces of strawberry off. Then go around the strawberry and make one cut between two of the bottom petals. Continue to do this all around then split the top of the strawberry. Voila!

I like to put the honey in while the tea is hot so that it dissolves! I really enjoy the honey flavor in this tea specifically because it goes well with the overall sweet flavors. If you choose to not put in any sweetener I would suggest brewing a little less tea so that it isn't as strong. 

The raw honey I used has bee pollen on the top and I love how the little specs stayed in the tea as I let it soak up the strawberry flavor. 

This is a strong black tea which I love iced! The strawberry flavor comes through well, especially if you put slices in the tea while it's cool. 

Strawberries remind me of summertime so they are perfect with this iced tea. Even with the strong black tea, when iced this is a refreshing drink!