Reboot & Recharge Calming Drink


A little over a year ago I started my blog and several months later I started my etsy. Although I'm not yet a full time entrepreneur I'm feeling the downsides of it. Anxiety is something that many entrepreneurs and non entrepreneurs alike suffer from. I feel as though anxiety is sometimes a taboo word. It has a negative connotation. But how else can we support each other if we don't talk about the hard things. I've experienced anxiety myself and have seen those close to me suffer from it as well. 

As you probably read in my previous post about the turmeric face mask, I've partnered with For Tea's Sake to create healthy recipes with some of their wellness blends.  

My good friend Bridgett lives in North Carolina and after a long conversation after work one day where we spilled out hearts to each other, I was inspired to create a calming drink that can help deal with some of the effects of anxiety. 

For those of you who don't know, Bridgett is an incredibly talented calligrapher, watercolor artist, letterer and so much more! Check out her beautiful work here. 

Bridgette described the effects of her anxiety to me and I was determined to try to find a solution for her and anyone who has similar side effects. 

When I have anxiety about one particular thing, everything that I could possibly be nervous about in life starts fueling that anxiety...I start to think of each and every thing that I've committed to that's out of my comfort zone and then worry about failing and how my nerves might be when it comes to that specific moment or leading up to it. Anxiety is traumatizing and can be life controlling. It can make you lose your appetite, make you sick to your stomach, and worst of all, it can make you fearful of taking risks of living life to the fullest.

Have you every felt the same? Luckily reboot and recharge has some wonderful ingredients that help and I decided to add orange peel, fresh ginger and honey (optional). Here is why I chose these ingredients. 

Reboot & Recharge: The combination of chamomile, lemongrass and lemon pieces are sure to calm you. Lemon is often noted as a remedy for anxiety. 

Orange Peel & Honey: In my research of different home anxiety remedies orange is often an ingredient and the peel can give an even stronger effect. Honey is optional if you don't like your tea sweet BUT because of all it's health benefits it's often used as a remedy, balancing you out.  

Fresh Ginger: Bridgett's quote describes it and everyone who I've spoken with about anxiety mentions stomach issues. Ginger is so great for your stomach and fresh ginger in this tea also gives it a little kick ! 

What you need: 

  1. A small glass teapot. You can use something else but this recipe is a one to two person serving. I also suggest glass because seeing all the ingredients combine can be a fun way to connect to your tea and get your mind off what is stressing you out!

  2. Reboot & Recharge Tea : If you use code NAZA15 you can save 15% off your first purchase!

  3. Orange Peel: I used three pieces

  4. Fresh grated ginger: I used more in these pictures but I suggest using 1/2 a teaspoon because it is POWERFUL.

  5. Honey: Again this is optional but I would use 1 teaspoon - 1 tablespoon depending on your taste for sweetness.

Combine all the ingredients and pour boiling water into your pot. Let it brew for 5-6 minutes. 

When ready to serve, use a strainer so that you just get the liquid!

I also had my older sister taste test this and she enjoyed it! I hope that anyone out there who is reading this will give this a try. If you do try it let me know how you like it! Keep following along because For Tea's Sake will be making a video tutorial of this recipe so it will be even easier to make! 

I recently wrote a blog post for The Rising Tide Society where I discuss how important support systems are for entrepreneurs. I think that is so relevant in the discussion of anxiety. 

I truly hope this drink helps so you can say BUH BYE ANXIETY!