How do you like to drink your tea?

Believe it or not tea can be enjoyed in many ways. Cultures from around the world brew and drink tea in different styles. Here is how I enjoyed my tea this morning and how I do most mornings! Comment below about how you like to prepare and drink yours!



Drinking tea out of glass is one of the most important differences in how I enjoy tea best and how you usually see it marketed. Call me crazy but I can actually taste the difference when I drink tea out of a mug versus out of a tea glass. Growing up with an Iranian family exposed me to the tea glass and that's what I've stuck with. Don't get me wrong, around Christmas time I enjoy using my santa and penguin mugs to get into the holiday spirit but glass is always #1 for me. The main effect on the taste is the thickness of what you're drinking out of. A thick rimmed mug leaves little transference of flavor while glass or a thin bone china mug allow the flavor to be released. If you study how cultures from around the world drink tea, most use glass or bone china! 

My mom & sister gifted me my tea glasses but you can find them online anywhere! check out these that have a similar shape to the one in my picture: Tea Glasses on Amazon


Bless you bees! I'm not sure what I would do without this sweet nectar  you create for my tea! SAVE THE BEES. The way I was raised to sweeten tea was with sugar cubes, my friends used to often wonder why I had so many sugar cubes. Are you doing some kind of science project?? Nope, just making my tea super sweet! So you take a sugar cube and hold it in your mouth, as you drink the tea the hot liquid softens the sugar and each sip becomes sweet. It's quite effective! As I've grown older and tried to be healthier I have shifted towards honey. Although honey is still very sweet I feel better about putting that in my body versus lots of sugar cubes. Honey definitely has a different taste with the tea versus pure sugar but it is one I have grown to love.  Honey is expensive and I would suggest buying in bulk but if you want to treat yourself check out the link below with my personal favorite brand!

My Favorite Honey