Why I prefer glass: White Rose by Zhi Tea

Rose Tea. 

I've talked before about the differences in what you choose to drink your tea in. I'm not bringing this up to make you feel like tea is some out of reach fancy drink, I personally think that tea is for everyone! I would be lying however if I didn't tell you that I prefer some vessels over others. It's kind of like how different alcohols are classically consumed from different types of glasses!

Glass has always been my favorite vessel to drink tea from but it has slowly become my favorite thing to BREW tea in as well. I'm going to use the Zhi rose tea as an example. 

So many loose leaf teas are incredibly beautiful because they are hand blended with REAL ingredients. To each their own, but one huge plus to loose leaf versus tea bags is that the ingredients are crushed up. The White Rose from Zhi Tea is a mix of white tea and tiny rosebuds. 

Tasting Notes

This tea is actually SO GOOD. I've started to really take a liking to white tea. When the blend is dry, the rose buds totally overtake your senses. Once brewed however, there are strong notes of what I recognize as artichoke! Which happens to be one of my favorite foods. When drinking this tea, the rose buds definitely make an appearance. I am rationing this tea because I don't want it to be gone! 

When I opened up my package from Zhi Tea, I was drawn to the rose tea. Rose and cardamom are classic ingredients in the way Persian tea is brewed and I have fond memories of it growing up. 

When drinking tea I enjoy glass because to me it makes the connection between drinker and tea. Glass allows you to see the color of your brew and if it is at your preferred strength or not.

Quick Tip: If you pour your glass but it's too light and you'd like a darker brew, simply pour the tea back in the pot, then pour again into your glass. The color will be darker. Seems like an obvious thing but something I grew up watching my parents and relatives do!  

Glass Tea pots. I recently got two glass tea pots for Christmas and my birthday in January. One is larger with a strainer and then there is this smaller one that is pictured. It's meant for blooming teas but I can't resist using it with flowery or intense blends to watch the tea open up.

Just like blooming teas, it's so beautiful to watch the reaction to the hot water hitting the leaves. They disperse, then join back together. They start to slowly open up like a lily in the morning. 

Watching the leaves slightly open themselves up is seriously a beautiful transformation. It's a calming way to spend a few minutes. I also think it's so poetic. Leaves start out hard and closed off. When hot water touches them, they open themselves up and show you their true beauty, creating a magical elixir called tea. 

Sounds a bit corny I know but it's a way to slow down. A way to enjoy beauty in the little things. It's also interested to see how some of the leaves fall and some float. 

With a glass teapot and cup, there is no hiding. I get to be apart of the entire process from start to finish. 

Glass is a way for my tea time to be transparent, literally! It forces me to sit with my tea and monitor it. In this time my mind wanders and asks questions about the tea. Relaxation increases. 

Do you like to drink out of glass ?! 

Try Zhi Tea's White Rose!