A love - hate relationship with Jasmine Tea


I'll be honest, I've never joined in on the jasmine tea hype. I've heard so many people rave about jasmine tea and how it's their favorite tea. Most of the jasmine teas I've tasted rubbed me the wrong way for a few reasons. 

I think every jasmine tea I've had was brewed too long because it was extremely bitter! One of the other reasons why I haven't had a jasmine tea I've enjoyed in the past is because aroma is a huge factor for me. Jasmine usually has a potent aroma which can heavily resemble perfume which is not a quality I enjoy in tea. 

Due to everything mentioned above I was hesitant to try this dragon phoenix tea from Zhi Tea. I was pleasantly surprised !  

Not only does these pearls have an incredible scent but they are absolutely beautiful to watch unfurl. No wonder it is a Zhi Tea customer favorite! Watching these pearls which are folded 7 times open up and brew was the perfect way to demonstrate my love for tea. It's all in the process. 

The taste of these pearls was surprisingly good considering that I was memorized by watching the tea brew I probably let it brew a little too long. The fragrance of the tea translates into the taste but in a great way, making it smooth and soothing.  

Although the taste was lovely, the best part about the dragon phoenix was the brewing process. It's magic. This is the type of tea that I need to brew after a long day at work. After staring at the computer screen for too long. After a stressful conversation with someone.  

Watching the leaves slowly let the water open them up and take their essence is the ultimate relaxation. Again, I never claim to be an expert on tea but to me, tea is all about the color. I often don't follow brewing times (ahh, I know) because I like to see how the color of the tea changes. Part of my enjoyment of tea comes with watching it brew. 

Even though I know what's going to happen, it brings me calm to watch these little buds wound up all tight relax and open up. It's like my body goes through the process with these buds. All my knots and folds start to untangle and I let it all out. While the tea is brewing, so am I! 

Are you a jasmine tea fan?!