Blueberry Basil Bourbon Cocktail

Bulleit Tea.

My friend Brittany over at Wight Tea Co. sent me this wonderful tea called Blueberry Basil! Blueberry basil is a mix of South African green rooibos, blueberries, lemon peels, and basil.  

Look at these whole blueberries in this tea! I love when teas have REAL ingredients. 

You're always welcome to cold brew your tea but I like to brew it hot and let it cool down before mixing everything together! 

Bulleit, bulleit, bulleit! Why is this girl so obsessed with bulleit you may ask? One of the reasons I love bulleit is because it's so delicious to have on it's own but it's also great as something in mixed drinks. Bulleit has a great flavor and I knew it would taste great with the flavors of the tea. 

Angostura bitters add a hint of the "old fashioned" and so does the brown sugar. I give a range for the bourbon and sugar in this recipe because I think it's best to add in each little by little and make the drink as strong or as weak as you'd like. 

I'm personally usually on the higher end of bourbon and lower end of sugar ;) 

I chose blueberries due to the name of the tea but they really go well with bourbon! Have them as a snack as you enjoy your drink or place the blueberries in the drink to soak it up! 

What's your favorite cocktail?!