Turvani Tasting Part III: Assam Golden Tips

Golden Tips.

Finally! Part III of my Turvani sampler. I recently tried an Assam that my sister brought back from India so I kept this one for last. I was excited to try this because of the "golden tips."  

I did a little experiment for this tasting! I asked my tea loving boyfriend Robert to participate. 

Here's the experiment: I poured Rob a glass of the assam and put a tasting wheel in front of him. I then asked him to pick three of the descriptions for the tea. I did this as well and we wrote down our answers separately. Here's what we came up with. 

Rob: Young, Full Bodied, Heavy

Me: Aromatic, Strong Body, Silky

This is interesting because we had similar descriptions of the body and how it's bold. I also think that the silky and young are very similar ideas and we just expressed them differently. 

It's interesting to see how different people perceive the tastes of tea!