Medicinal Benefits of Green Tea: Let's drink more of it

I'm a black tea lover.

I grew up drinking black tea and I will probably continue to drink black tea. Even with this intense love for black tea I can't deny the fact that further fermenting tea can decrease the medicinal benefits. (Black tea is further fermented than green tea)

I've been reading a lot more about how tea is cultivated and it's different forms. It seems that because green tea is the most natural state of tea with the least fermentation, it yields the greatest benefits. Green tea is delicious, I'm stuck in a rut of drinking what I've always known but I'm trying to incorporate more green tea. 

Green tea is an excellent stimulant, having about half the caffeine of coffee per cup. Half the caffeine to me, means more cups of tea per day :) Tea is also great for health and immunity. I've talked about this in other posts where a cup of tea really soothes my stomach. The herbal properties have also been known to have anti-cancer catechins, lower cholesterol, help fight colds, regulate blood sugar and more! One other benefit that I wasn't aware of was healthy teeth! Apparently drinking green tea has a high fluoride content which can be beneficial for your teeth and gums.

My aunt has sent me several types of green tea and I have them stored away for a special day or to offer guests but I think I'll start making black AND green tea part of my daily routine. 

Check out the book my mom got me that I've been reading and learning all these facts about tea from.